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Cropped Heartbeat CD REview

Beth’s songs are so . . . innocent . . . experienced . . . beguiling . . . insightful. Whew, I’m running out of adjectives. Her name and the title of this album should be spoken by every record reviewer in the country. . .

Buzz Marcus – Taylor Guitars

This woman has great pipes and the songwriting talent to go with them. . . . Several songs on the album feel like a celebration, with many messages of hope and encouragement delivered with upbeat good cheer. However, she’s not blind to the darker side of life, as This Farm proves with its admonition, “city man get your city hands far from this farm, go back where you belong.” The lament in A ladder I can Climb sounds utterly genuine as she pleads, “throw me a line, send me a ladder I can climb.” The Girl has a definite “this sure ain’t Nashville” quality, with effects you might expect on an Ani DeFranco album. This is a multi-dimensional album worth the listening.

Virginia DeBolt,

I’d bet if Oprah had a Record of the Month Club, Beth Williams ‘ In This Old House’ would surely be on the recommended list.

William Michael Smith RockZillaWorld

The Beth Williams thing is strikingly different from anything else I’ve heard, and I’ve been reviewing and playing music since way before CDs, when the biggest problems we had in the radio business was cue-burns on our hottest records.  Yes, she is a wonderful singer, beautiful voice and the CD is well produced ….. But there’s something more. This songwriter does “message music”, she makes the spirit soar..I love it!!

Ronnie Witcher, KACQ/KCYL RADIO

In This Old House is a collection of songs that make people feel good. No sappy writer, no overt heartstring tugger, Williams instead is the kind of person who walks on the sunny side, uses common sense, sees the glass as half full and finds the silver lining in dark clouds. She’s able to translate that optimism into songs such as ‘ Voices,’ songs that can do more for self-esteem than any six pop psychologists. And , to boot, you can dance to Williams work.


Beth Williams new CD ‘In This Old House’ is all winner in my ears … and quickly on my list for Top 10 releases in 2001. Colored Texas Hill Country fresh with the Maines production touch … a refreshing spiritual lyric lilt … ‘In This Old House’ introduces the newest Texas music super star. A +++++

Eddie Russell, Global Radio Network

Check out Beth Williams’ in This Old House on Willow Creek Records. She’s got great stories (check out the title cut) and a lilting vocal that’s just a little left of center. And that’s NOT a bad thing!

Linda O’Brian, KSCS, Dallas, Choice Cuts CD Reviews, Best in Texas

“Received Beth’s new CD, ‘In This Old House,’ and you can bet I will be giving her some spins. Her voice is captivating, songs are wonderful, and the production is superb. I like them all but ‘Mason Sunset’ was a real standout and my favorite. ”

Gary Barton – Music Director, KBEC – Waxahachie

Beth is an accomplished guitarist who writes crisp and meaningful lyrics. Her work is an amalgamation of spirituality, hope, recovery, real love, ecology and country girl nostalgia which cannot be faked. And she delivers it all on her new CD, In This Old House, with a beautiful and haunting voice that dips and soars like a hawk on the wing”.


I love the voice of this Texas singer-songwriter from Mason, Texas. Very wide range and easy to listen to. Lots of feeling with a folk, bluesy, bluegrass and Americana sound. Nice variety of music styles and the musicians add the right touch to make this a great CD.

R. G. Music Scene Magazine

Williams’ album will certainly appeal to those who enjoy the softer, deeper, feminine side of Texas music. Ms. Williams’ infuses her music with the lessons and fallout from her search for life’s meaning, her search for the path to peace and harmony. This all translates into an uplifting, comforting, safe-in-my-own-living-room record that many listeners will relate to.

I’d bet if Oprah had a Record of the Month Club, Beth Williams’ In This Old House would surely be on the recommended list.”

William Michael Smith, Rockzillaworld

I really like Beth Williams’ new record, “In This Old House.” It has been my morning record for the last month. Every day, I have opened my eyes to the sounds of “Now” wafting from the CD alarm clock next to my bed. What an upbeat way to start the day! “Try & flow like a river, soar like a high flying bird, don’t be afraid – stand up and deliver.” Every song on this record, her fourth CD on Willow Creek Records, has a story to tell. Ms. Williams excels at writing songs with meaning, from the bite of “This Farm” to the reassurance of “Ruby & John” to the challenge of “My God and I.” Beth has a knack for saying a lot with just a few words, and you know exactly what she means. As much as I enjoy her voice, the songs (she wrote all twelve on the new record) are the real joy of this record. Read the full review. CLICK HERE

 Don Landis

“There’s way too much I could say about Beth Williams. I believe there is nothing else she should be doing with her professional life than writing and singing her songs. She has the voice and the writing but most of all she has the heart. You will be entranced by her like I was when I first heard her.”

Ken Gaines, Anderson Fair

“I tend to find a CD that I like and just keep playing it over and over. Beth Williams’ In This Old House is one of those . . . This is a great album. I like to see our singer/songwriters continuing to write from inside and offer it to us fresh and alive. I think I’ll pop the disc into my truck and go for a drive in the country.”


Ed and I listened, and were excited about the new album and your voice singing gospel music. I can’t remember ever being moved by yodeling, but ‘Yodeling in Heaven’ is a wonderful song and your vocal work is superb. Thanks so much for this experience.


“Local music fans already know Beth’s music well, and have identified several of her original compositions as their own personal favorites. One of those original songs, “Mason Sunset” is included on the new album, and the studio version is sure to be a hit. Additional songs on the CD include the title track, ” In This Old House”, as well as “My God and I” , “This Farm” and eight others that spotlight the Mason singer’s versatility and talent.”

Gerry Gamel

Mason County News

I cannot tell you what a blessing Steady Conversation and Yodeling in Heaven have been to me the past few hours with you singing to me and lifting my spirits and convicting my heart of the goodness of our Lord. You and Laird calmed my soul listening to “Steady Conversation” and “Little Things You Do” moved me to tears and reminded me why I do what I do. And I just love “My God and I” the vocals, the accompaniment, message, everything about it.

Thank you, Beth. I love your use of scripture verses for “Yodeling in Heaven” You spoke to me. You helped me worship and give thanks today. You helped me look up.

Donna Shelton, Retirement and Nursing, Austin, Texa