Funny Story: My mom & my daughter

Written By: Team Beth - Nov• 02•13

Twenty years ago My mom, daughter & metoday my mom was called over into glory after a 1 month battle with Pancreatic Cancer. I think she knew she was sick before that but being the strong little (5’1″) woman she was, she never went to the doctor. My precious father served in the Air Force for 27 years so they had great benefits.

Even so she never went to doctors.

Maybe with Pancreatic Cancer it wouldn’t have helped. Maybe she knew that.

I’m celebrating her life today by sharing this funny story about my adorable little mom, Frances Louise Williams!

My parents lived in Florida & I was in Texas. This one particular year, my 16 yr old daughter Desiree’ & I went to visit. Desiree had her drivers license so I let her drive the last leg of the trip.

Driving up the hill and arriving at our destination late in the evening, Desiree & I jumped out of the car and ran in the front door to give my mom & dad big big hugs!!!


Once things settled down I asked Desiree’ to get our bags out of the car. Out the front door she happily went, only to come running back in & yelling


To which my panic stricken little mom replied in a half whisper, fear & trembling in her voice

“Didn’t you bring it????” 

The sad part about that statement is I thought to myself “Didn’t we?”

Out the door we all ran, searching frantically for the car! Did someone steal it in that short time???

Ends up Desiree’ didn’t put the emergency brake on. The car rolled backwards into a tree. Which was a good thing because that tree kept my car from rolling into the road and causing a possible wreck.

My mom gave me so very much. If only I had known what a treasure she was back then.

Forget the “if only’s” 

I know now what a treasure she was & I hope to honor her memory & make her proud with the life I’m leading today. One step at a time.

yep. Sadly I fail.  Often. Yes I do but keep trying.

Frances Louise Williams was a wonderfully kind beautiful woman who NEVER said a mean or bad thing about anyone.

Did I remember to say beautiful? because if there was ever a beautiful woman heart, soul & spirit,, it would be my mom. If only I can walk a little closer in the memory of her tiny little footsteps.

Not a church woman & yet she walked more righteously than most church women I know. (yep. I said that)

Today.    I choose to set the sadness & sorrow of missing her aside. I chose to embrace my mom’s memory in light & love. And try to model her memory by always trying to do better.

I love you always mom.


Precious Memories_What a Friend We Have in Jesus – Beth Williams

Muah!  Wishing you all well.


p.s. The picture is of my daughter Desiree’ before a dance recital. She lived with my mom while I traveled to Singapore in 1984 to perform with the band Japonica & then toured the USA with my band. She was with my parents for a total of 6 months.( I felt guilty the entire time)  This was during one of my visits home.

And what is up with that eye makeup I was wearing??? yikes!


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  1. Rachel Roberts Thompson says:

    Beth, I remember this day 20 years ago as well. I have a funny / sweet story too. One Christmas Eve at Grandma’s, my sisters and I had to sleep on the floor in the living room where the Christmas tree was. After our parents went to bed, we unwrapped all of our presents! We walked out to the den to get some tape to re-wrap the presents, when all the sudden we were…BUSTED! Aunt Frances and Jess were still up talking in the kitchen and Jess asked us why we needed tape. While Jess was not happy with us, I remember your Mom (being the wonderful Aunt that she was) just laughing & laughing then getting tape to cover for us! I thought we were gonna get in so much trouble! I was so thankful she was there that night and “saved” us! That is a great memory I have of her and I have never forgotten that! Beth, you are a wonderful, lovable, talented person and I know your Mom is so proud of you!!! Love to you Beth!

    • says:

      Rachel – Thanks so much for sharing that memory with me. I can just picture it now…Jess being “stern” & serious and mom just a laughing. She was the sweetest. And mom being proud of me. I hope so. I know your daddy is proud of all of you. He & mom are surely having a wonderful time in glory land with all the rest of our loved ones. Love you girl. 🙂