Written By: Team Beth

HOW TO YODEL  Lessons 1, 2 & 3  now available!   Click Below to watch  HOW TO YODEL  #1  *

We hope you enjoyed Beth’s 1st ‘HOW TO YODEL” made easy Video. 


To learn the rest of the yodel, visit PAYPAL and send a one time payment of just $5.00 to beth@bethwilliamsmusic.com.  We’ll send you the link to watch all 3 Videos as many times as you want to!  This money will go to help Beth produce more yodeling videos!! 


1.  Log onto Paypal.   At the top of the page, click  MONEY and then SEND MONEY.

2.  Send a one time payment of $5.oo (five dollars) to this email address:  beth@bethwilliamsmusic.com

3.  In the description add a note that you’re purchasing the 3 Part Yodel Series, along with your Email address

4.   We’ll send you a link where you can watch Lessons 2 and 3 as many times as you want!*




An 8 Part Series where Beth will teach you ALL her  YODELING SECRETS!     

Some of the things you’ll learn:

1.  The breathing technique Beth uses when singing and yodeling.

2.  How to find the break in your voice to use when yodeling

3.  She’ll teach you yodels that can be used interchangeably in songs. Plus much more!

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Beth also gives Private Skype Yodeling & Voice Lessons!  SONS

Ms. Williams is offering SKYPE or FACE TIME voice, yodeling or guitar lessons.  Current rate is $60.00 (American $)  for a 45 minute lesson or $75.00 for one hour.  Payments can be made through PayPal.  Contact  us at Book a Skype Lesson to set your lesson up today!  office@bethwilliamsmusic.com

 Listen to Beth Yodel w/ rockin’ Mason, TX bass player, John Gammil!