It’s a Good Good Day

Written By: Team Beth - Sep• 19•16

9Yesterday was a difficult day. There I sat.  Blah with the blues. You know the feeling.  Funky feeling that’s hard to shake.

Other than a few close friends and parents who needed to know why I was postponing their children’s music lessons, I’ve tried not to mention what’s been going on.  But now I have a story about my new song I think is worth telling.  So here’s how the new song came about.

Over the past month I’ve have had to postpone and cancel upcoming bookings due to health issues, being under the weather, dealing with the after effects of oral surgery and more dental work ahead.


Yesterday afternoon (Saturday) I was trying to get organized to sing at the Center for Spiritual Living in Delta, CO., one of my favorite places to sing. When music leaders David & Tamara Hauze are out of town, I’m blessed to be the visiting musician who gets to lead music with the super sweet, talented & beautiful Brenda Suiter.

Here I was, not feeling so great, trying to pick out positive, uplifting songs for this mornings service. Searched on you tube, googled “most popular positive songs” and was coming up with nothing that spoke to me or that we haven’t done when I was visiting in the past. Tried texting Brenda but I think she was busy working at GOOD VIBRATIONS making pretty things for the store. And I needed to find a positive song that felt right!!!

When all else fails….

I remembered the choice thing. You know. The one where we get to choose how we feel in spite of our circumstances. Pretty much out of desperation I made the decision to battle what my brain, body and feelings were telling me. I decided to try for positive though I was feeling gloomy.

Sitting there, I says to myself:

“Self, it’s a good day. I’m feeling alright.”

Didn’t make me feel any better. Didn’t feel like a good day and I wasn’t feeling alright.  I tried again.

“It’s a good day. I’m feeling alright.”

Oh.  Did I mention I sang it? I needed something to rhyme so out came:

“It’s a good day. I’m feelin’ alright.   It’s a good good day full of promise, love and light”

Telling my mind what I wanted it to think led me to write this song called GOOD GOOD DAY. (See video below!) It is indeed true.  Sometimes it’s best to FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT.

We’re all going through things that are difficult. Some more difficult than others, of course.  Missing loved ones who have been taken away or  gone away. Health issues.  Financial woes.  Emotional ups & downs.  Job troubles.  Getting older, dealing with all that comes with aging while wondering  “How did this happen?”.  (Ala – Who knew we’d ever be this age??? ) 

Through the storms and the darkness, we can CHOOSE to step out of the shadows, into the light.  Let go of worry and things we can’t change or do anything about.   And say, in spite of it all,  “It’s a good day today.”

Having “challenges” before me for the next few months, my plan is, ONE DAY AT A TIME, to try and :   Do the next right thing.   Be a blessing.  Help others.  Pray, asking the Lord for help that my current trial will give me a greater understanding and compassion for those I meet and know.   

After I wrote GOOD GOOD DAY, I recorded a quick demo, sent it to Brenda & Ellen, we ran over it before the service this morning and…well, here’s what it sounded like. I hope this will remind you, as it did me, that I can choose – I can decide – I have a choice – to say it’s a good good day today.

AND SO IT WAS.   AND SO IT IS.    Hope you enjoy the song & video below! 

Wishing you well,


p.s.  Grateful to CSL Delta for being such a happy place – This song was written because I needed a positive, happy song to share with them on Sept. 18, 2016!

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