Written By: Team Beth

Lasting Legacy is a special service at Hill Country Recording Studio offered to boomers and seniors. 1928716_747616355338736_1505709948250702277_n Nestled beneath the Grand Mesa in beautiful Cedaredge, CO., seniors are welcomed into the intimate, relaxing atmosphere of Beth’s studio where they can sing to a music track, have Beth play the song for them to sing on her guitar, tell a story, play piano or just reminisce in a professional environment.  At the end of the session,  Williams will put the recording and/or video on a disk to be given as a gift to friends and loved ones.

 “I often wish I could hear my mother’s voice once more. I’d love to hear the sound of her laughter, or her voice telling Screenshot (1)me a story. Or my dad, singing a song like “ Jimmy Crack Corn” or “Froggie Went a Courtin’. His voice reading one of the many silly but sincere short poems he wrote through the years. I’ve longed for these things since my parents have been gone.”

Missing her parents and realizing the importance of leaving your voice or a visual for others to have as a comfort and treasure, gave Beth the idea for LASTING LEGACY.   Inviting seniors and boomers to her recording studio to sing a song, tell a story and leave a message for their children, grandchildren, friends and other family members is proving to
be a very much in demand service.  Friends and family will find great comfort in the years to come, as they listen to the message  left for them, or listen and watch the video recording of you in the studio.    A precious gift from you to your loved ones as a lasting legacy.

Beth can make these things come to life by videotaping and recording you in her intimate studio. Make plans to visit Beth in her studio and:  sing a song,  tell a story,  play piano,  Or just reminisce.

Here is Nancy Carlson recording at HCRS and having her first ever video recorded.  What a perfect gift for those she loves and who love her.

Recently I had the pleasure of recording my “first ever” CD at Hill Country Recording Studio with Beth Williams. 13510958_10201941919465907_2283917869753676806_n I made this recording for my children and grandchildren to hopefully inspire them to cast inhibitions aside and let their voices be heard.  It was a fun time and Beth made me feel so comfortable and at ease.  She also made the recording sound so professional!  Whether you sing or just tell your story, this is a great gift for the family in years to come. Thank you, Beth, for fulfilling one of my dreams!!”  Nancy Carlson

“I have just f1inished working with Beth on a new song, and words are hard to find to express what a wonderful experience it has been for me. When I listen to the final version of the song, I get goose bumps which is a true testimonial for me – when music does that to me, I know I have been changed. I am truly blessed to have worked with Beth, and already planning more projects. Beth, through your work, through God, you are truly an inspiration to me to write more gospel songs. Thanks so much for everything you did for me.“ Bob Doolittle, 69 yrs.

6892_1271172206244829_4107328526892279602_n“My wife Susan and I spent a day with the lovely and talented Beth Williams at Hill Country Recording Studio recording songs Susan has written over the years. The setting was beautiful, the fellowship even better! Beth helped us get several songs on disc that we have been able to share with our family and others, songs we might otherwise never have had a chance to leave for a legacy. Beth’s patience and skill empowered us to share for posterity something inside us that might never have found a voice.”  Don White


Visit Hill Country Recording Studio  located in Cedaredge, CO.  and leave a lasting legacy.   Call Beth Williams today at 970.856.4496389394_153387294761648_1470261761_n


Be sure to check out Beth’s “Songs for Seniors” page too!  Available to perform at Senior Centers, Senior Events, dances and  Healthcare Facilities!  CLICK HERE1