Written By: Team Beth - May• 27•14

3Way past due on my blogging. Been super busy with the studio, session work, performing on the road. We all have so much to do!

I have a new motto…pretty sure I learned it in grade school.


(Intended for those who try to tell me what kind of music I should play)

I love singing.

Yesterday I recorded a few gospel songs with Brenda Elliott-Pfaff (VIDEO BELOW!)

Last Sat. night I sang my original songs at Backwoods Recording Studio House Concert in Nashville, Tenn. Thanks to my wonderful hosts Patty & Tony Ray Jones. Still trying to walk off all those great vittles!

This Sat. I’m doing my own songs at the Venis House Concert in Lakewood, CO. Looking forward to seeing Jalynn & James Venis again. I appreciate them hosting another house concert for me.

On Sunday I’m putting on a cowboy hat, boots (maybe spurs too) and singing cowboy songs & yodeling at the Colorado Cowboy Class at the Lakewood Cultural Center. Well, really I’m not. “Miz Lizzie” (the cowgirl side of me) will be showing up for that.

Here’s the crazy thing.

Many Christians are ultra critical of me because I don’t do ONLY gospel music.

Singer Songwriter types are often critical because I don’t do ONLY my own original music.

In some cowboy circles, they don’t want you unless you ONLY sing cowboy songs.

Some secular people don’t like that I ALSO sing gospel songs…even though I don’t sing them at “secular” events. Often its because they’ve had bad experiences within the church.( I have too!)

I could go on but you get the drift.

Seems I tend to be like a boat…the wind blows this way so I go that way. Blows the other way, I go with it. I stop doing songs I want to do because they don’t “fit” into the perception of who people think I am as a songwriter. Bah! humbug I say!  Getting a little long in the tooth (old) to be so swayed by the words of people who don’t pay my bills.Right? right!

Message to self: Stop letting other’s opinions blow your boat & sway your mind/path.  Remember the one who created you is your only boss. Sing what ‘cha want to sing. … original songs, country, pop, folk, gospel, cowboy, songs from the ’40’s – ’80’s, children’s songs, songs in Hebrew,praise songs, eclectic americana, funny songs, sad songs….

And of course anyone who doesn’t like it can… not listen. 🙂

Hope you’ll stay around, be a part of my musical rainbow. My new acoustic CD, TOUCHE’ has some off the wall songs I’ve written. Was going to make it a limited edition but am thinking about having it available for download. Stay tuned about that!

Here’s Brenda & I singing a gospel medley.  Want us to come sing at your Women’s Event or church?  We’d love to! Give us a shout!

Wishing you Well, Beth

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  1. Hind says:

    We just had the same kind of party for my 8 yr old daughter this past spnrig with pony rides and we had music playing while they were riding and it really added to the experience. We made our own cd of country songs. Songs included:(forgive me if the titles aren’t accurate!)Cowboy Take Me Away-Dixie ChicksDueling BanjosThank God I’m A Country Boy-John DenverSweet Home Alabama-Lynrd SkynrdLong Time Gone-Dixie ChicksThe World-Brad PaisleyBack In the Saddle Again-Gene AutryWalkin’ After Midnight-Patsy ClineCan’t remember them all but we looked at the lyrics for these and chose carefully. I recommend you make your own mix b/c the compilation cds at stores were expensive and some were covers of the songs and not the original versions (i.e.; Drew’s Famous titles).Have a great party!!

  2. Tommy says:

    omgosh!! my daddy used to have this song on a tape and I broke it on accident and I never knew the name of it and who it was by. Thank God for sleilatte radio because it came on and the title and artist flashed across!! I youtubed it immediately thank you for putting this up!!

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