Written By: Team Beth

5A Concert in YOUR home?  YES!!

 Wouldn’t it be awesome to invite friends over for a intimate concert where everyone can enjoy and be close to the music, rather than in a smoky bar trying to hear the songs over chatter & clatter? Singer songwriter Beth Williams would love to perform her original music for your fun event! Anyone can host a House Concert and that includes you! It’s simple and there’s no cost to the Host/Hostess. You just need a room that will seat 15, 20 or more of your friends.

“Beth reached out and grabbed our audience with the first note! Her high-energy, fun-packed show kept the crowd’s attention all night. Outstanding vocals and great guitar- she held the crowd even through a steady rain….. Well-crafted originals the audience loved immediately! She’ll be back!”  Pete Mugasis, COYOTES, Penrose, CO

First we would compare calendars and decide on an evening for the House Concert. Then we’d send you a poster which you share with your friends & family. As the host you would be responsible for collecting the $15.00 – $20.00 donation which is given to the musician for their performance. Or you might want to just set out a basket and invite everyone to drop their donation there!

Beth also performs at House Concerts with the DAWSON SPRINGS BAND performing songs of and about yester-year. Click here to learn more about the group:   DAWSON SPRINGS BAND

As a songwriter, Beth Williams is a gifted storyteller. Her music fires up your soul and lights the corners of your mind in ways that seem to reintroduce you to people and places you ache to know better and can’t get enough of.” VENIS HOUSE CONCERT, Jalynn Venis


“Beth Williams…melodious voice, great lyrics, fantastic musicianship” WC HOUSE CONCERT (Dennis Evans)

“This was Beth’s second house concert here and she was awesome!  Her guitar playing along with her singing were beautiful and she makes it look so easy! We love all of her songs and especially love to hear the stories behind the songs. We even were treated to some of her songs from early in her career. There was much laughter and some tears. Beth is a wonderful guest and feels like family when she comes and stays. She is always welcome in our home!ABOVE THE CLOUDS HOUSE CONCERTS  J. Halterman

Refreshments are normally served with everyone bringing snacks to share and often there’s a pot luck dinner. Weather permitting, the House Concert can be outside on the lawn, on the back patio or even in the barn! If you don’t have enough chairs you can always ask your guests to bring their own! Concerts are 2 one hour sets, with a 20 minute break in between during which time a table has been set up with CDs for people to purchase should they choose to! The host normally provides the musician with a place to spend the night. Please contact us HERE if you are interested in hosting a house concert!! Beth Williams is available to share her songs at your House Concert or Live Music Venue. ACMA Nominated Vocalist, Ms. Williams is a multidimensional songwriter who writes songs that fit into the Americana-Folk-Pop-Blues-Country arena and have often been labeled as Message Music. Soaring vocals, artful lyrics and the ability to closely connect with her audience are the powerful combination that gives singer /songwriter Beth Williams the extra edge which spells success. Beth is blessed with a beautiful singing voice that has the dynamics to go from a whisper to the full power of cathedral bells.” say’s Austin Americana. Her unique approach and creative abilities as a songwriter & guitarist set Williams apart as she builds an eclectic bridge between folk, Americana, country, blues, pop and roots music, making her one of Texas favorite talents. Jim Beal with the S.A. EXPRESS & NEWS writes “No sappy writer, no overt heartstring tugger, Williams instead is the kind of person who walks on the sunny side, uses common sense, sees the glass as half full & finds the silver lining in dark clouds“., while Buzz Marcos of TAYLOR GUITARS adds “Beth’s songs are innocent… experienced… beguiling…insightful… Her name and the title of this album should be spoken by every record reviewer in the country.”  Legendary producer LLOYD MAINES says Besides the obvious, great singer and guitar player, Beth Williams bares her soul in her songs and performance. This is a brave and good thing.”