Written By: Team Beth

1476503_515439205232870_1073585038_nWhile living on Peshawar AFB, in Pakistan, at the age of thirteen, Beth Williams happened upon a lone GI on the bleachers of a deserted baseball field singing and playing his guitar.  It felt, she says, as if she had been hit by lightning.  Her destiny was sealed as she ran home to tell her parents she wanted to sing and play guitar. Her parents bought her a $10.00 guitar at the PX later that same year when they were relocated to Okinawa…and so the musical journey began.

A guitar instructor for students 5 years old to 95, Beth believes:   


Beth believes if you have a passion in your heart to sing or play music, it’s very likely something you’ve been called to do in this life.  Many of her students – past & present – are now using their musical abilities to make a difference in the lives of others. 

Screenshot (87)At their very first lesson, students will learn to play 1 or 2 songs!  Each week thereafter, Beth gives them new chords and new songs to practice for the following week.  She is also able to record the lesson for those who would like to have a CD to practice with.  For those wanting to sing, Beth will also put the songs in the correct key so the student can sing along while they practice. 

Using a Mackie PA System as a tool, she can teach those interested in live performances how to set up and tear down a sound system and give them information on where to buy equipment which would best suit their needs.

Equipped with Pro-Tools 9 in her small studio, Beth has the capability to record clients singing to tracks, or playing their own instruments.  She can add drum tracks, play guitar, a little piano, bass and sing harmony where needed!


Younger students: A weekly thirty minute lesson is recommended. If the student is more advanced, a one hour lesson would be in their best interest.

Adult students:  A one hour lesson is recommended. 

Both guitar and vocal:  Students wanting both guitar and vocal instruction benefit from a one hour lesson, with thirty minutes dedicated to guitar and thirty to vocals. 

Group Guitar Classes:  When there are enough students in the same age group or at the same level of playing, Beth can provide group guitar lessons.

Group Voice Classes: For praise and worship teams, home school groups, bands with singers…..


Ms. Williams is available to give guitar, voice and yodeling lessons via Skype.  The cost is $50.00 for a one hour session with payments being made through PayPal.  Contact  us at to set your lesson up today


Elementary through high school students are offered classes after school. Adults and home schooled children have the benefit of taking classes earlier in the day if they prefer.


Due at the time of each lesson, cash or checks are accepted as payment.

Beth can also help you put together a promotional package….Choose and work on solos  that are best for your voice….Increase songwriting abilities …..Share her knowledge of ways to promote and get your music heard ….Record your music & video in her studio!