Session Singer

Written By: Team Beth

Beth Williams is a session singer for recording studios in Nashville, Texas and Colorado.  She has her own Pro Tools studio and is available to sing lead vocal, back up and/or add harmonies on YOUR next project regardless of where you live!   Singing on her Manley Reference Cardioid Microphone , Williams is able to send wav files back and forth across the internet, adding unique vocals to projects sent to her from anywhere in the world! From Alaska to Argentina, London to Singapore, Williams can add beautiful harmonies to your voice or sing lead on your song!  Listen below as she sings lead and harmony on a song written by Colin Moffett/Gerti Blackwell and sent to her from Northern Ireland.   And yes, it’s getting radio airplay in Ireland!

With 40 plus years as a professional singer, Ms Williams has a great ear for harmonies.  She knows when and where they would sound best in a song!  She also has access to some of the best musicians in the world and is able to do a full band production on your song or next project!


Using the Internet as a tool, Beth can add her vocals to projects sent to her from anywhere in the World!  She is available to sing Demos, Jingles and Harmonies equal to those recorded in New York, Nashville or any studios that plays host to great singers.


Here’s how it works!

1. Send Beth an MP3  of the song you want lead vocals or harmonies on along with a lyric sheet.

2.  Beth will contact you with a price quote depending on how many vocals/harmonies you want on the song.

3.  We ask for 1/2 of the Final Amount due paid up front as a deposit into the Hill Country Recording Studio Pay Pal account.

3.  Beth will add her vocals, then send you a MP3 rough mix of the song.

4.  Once you’ve approved her vocals, we ask that the balance be paid into the PayPal Account at which time Ms. Williams will send you the final mix of the song or the individual wav files of her vocals.

5.  After the payment is received, Beth will then mix individual wav files of her vocal(s) and send them to you.

Ms. Williams is also able to provide full band demos & productions. Contact Beth to learn more about this service!



“I have been fortunate to have some of Nashville’s top session singers perform on my demos. But these days I work with Beth Williams at Hill Country. She brings more to the table than a marvelous voice – creativity, a wealth of experience, enthusiasm, and a full measure of heart and soul. She will help you find and achieve that particular sound and style you are looking for to bring your music to life. Even for the less technically inclined like myself, using the internet to exchange music files has proven to be a convenient and effective method for getting Beth’s voice on my recordings. From over a thousand miles away, I have access to a top-notch, professional session singer who can provide anything from a single harmony to a full choir to add color and texture to my songs. If I have particular ideas regarding the harmonies I want, she will listen, understand and achieve them. And if I don’t have any good ideas, no problem. Beth has plenty. I do A LOT of recording and when I need those additional voices, I go straight to Beth, knowing she’ll get them done beautifully.”