Written By: Team Beth - Jan• 10•14

y4To yodel or not to yodel. That is a question. Growing up I couldn’t stand yodeling. My mom… she always wanted me to yodel.

“You’d be a great Yodeler” she’d say. “No Mom. I hate yodeling. It’s not cool. Hurts my ears.” (At the bottom of this page I tell the story of how & why I learned to yodel. I also teach YOU how to yodel.)

Sitting down to work on my blog I was going to write about the reason I pulled down my Gospel FB page + deleted almost all of my gospel videos from YouTube this past year. Was also going to write about other painful “encounters” concerning things said about my music. Decided that would be “looking back”.

window 1Then I noticed how muddy the glass doors were. (We have lots of dogs!)  Hard to see clearly looking out dirty doors. As I knelt to clean them it occurred to me how important it is to have a clear view in life.

We’re here for such a short time.  

Found myself pondering things that have kept me from having a “clear view” of my path & purpose. Listening to other people tell me who I am, who I should be, how I should act & what songs I should sing (quiet pause) makes for an unclear view. 

What gives me a clear view is listening to that still small voice & doing what seems right to me to do. Regardless of what other people think or say about it. (Selah) That gives me freedom to walk though the doors open to me with CFPP.

Clarity, Focus, Passion & Purpose.

THEREFORE! (drum roll, of course)    Let it be known in 2014 I plan to:

Record, release & upload to YouTube the 10 Scripture songs I wrote in ’06 – ’07 while caring for my ailing dad. For those who don’t think I’m a  “True Gospel Singer” because  I sing & write other types of songs… I’m okay with that.

Also going to write & sing Folk, Blues, Country, Scat, Swing, Folk-Rock, gospel, children’s songs and whatever feels right. For those who don’t think I’m an authentic “Americana Eclectic Singer Songwriter” because I also sing & write gospel songs, I’m okay with that too.

Oh! And I’m going to yodel a little!

In fact, I’m going to teach you HOW TO YODEL right now.  🙂  Whether you do or don’t like yodeling you’ve probably wondered how to do it.

Watch this “HOW TO YODEL” video and leave a comment below… To yodel or not to yodel?

Be clear on this today. GOD HAS A SPECIFIC PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE. May you find that door and walk though it. Share the love & light that’s within you for all the world to see!

p.s. Ignore Naysayers!

WHY I LEARNED TO YODEL:  25,785 YouTube Views!

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  1. Deb Bukala says:

    What a good teacher! Easy peasy!

  2. Max says:

    Love it.
    I still can’t yodel, but that is okay, cause I have to view you(r lesson) many many times more.
    Bt the way, I was born in the Tyrolean alps…yet can’t yodel, …

  3. Tamara Hauze says:

    That was yodel-o-di-tee FUN!! Thanks!!

  4. Jalynn Venis says:

    That was fabulous! Thank you, Beth. I’m yodeling the first two lines at least. Brilliant video, and you are hilarious. “Now let’s try it a little faster!” Ha! And that’s where you lose me.

  5. Tony R Jones says:

    Beth what a great story love the Yodeling, no one really does this much anymore! You are surely gifted girl wow! God has given you a wonderful gift not only of singing but communicating to people with such zeal, passion and purpose!

    You can sense it when you sing and talk, your testimony of real life comes through your music God has anointed you for just this very time, stay true to your calling because you are in it.. right now!
    Oh and the naysayers….remember Jesus had them too…good company to in my friend!
    Matt 6:33