BINGO! New Year!

Written By: Team Beth - Dec• 31•14

15384_317317761711683_1835487607_nAs I sit working on my computer at a ski resort in Western Colorado on New Years Eve day, my beautiful granddaughter and her friend are skiing, making great use of this wonderful snow. I’m happy inside where it’s warm & cozy. Shall I make learning to ski one of my New Years Resolutions? Thinking about it but…. probably not! haha

2014 has been a year full of love, loss, learning and getting to know myself better.

Here’s an example of learning and getting to know myself better.

Before moving from TX to CO in 2012 I had pretty much stopped performing the 6 years prior. Why you ask? To care for my ailing father, grandchild and after my dad’s passing, to work my first ever full time job to help pay bills that go with raising a child.

Upon relocating to CO, my first year was spent spinning in circles trying to figure out what I was supposed to do next. The only thing that made sense was to go back to live performance, which I did.


I was reminded I love to perform, but ONLY in certain environments. Listening rooms and house concerts are great. Private parties that pay very well are good. Singing in hospitals, treatment centers or nursing homes where my music is helping others…love those. To compete in an over saturated music industry on the local or higher level… not for me. Not anymore. 🙂 I’m good with that.

Because I’ve finally learned I’m simply not competitive. I’ve tried to be that kind of person from time to time but it’s just not in me. As my husband told me years ago, and many times since then, “You have the talent but not the personality to make it in the music business.” Don’t know about the talent, but have realized he is SO right on about not having the right personality.  I leave (once again) the competition to those better emotionally and mentally equipped.  You have to really want “that” and since I’ve never been willing to do what it takes to get “that”,  I guess I’ve never REALLY wanted it.

So!! (she happily squeals!) DIRECTION SHIFT!!!!

The plan for 2015 is to focus less on live performance and more on getting better at making videos, find more ways to use my music and talents to help others (because really…that’s what it’s meant to be about), write more songs, record and put them out there in what I think of as a virtual time capsule.

50 years from now someone may find my song “NOW” and it may become their favorite song! “BINGO”,  I’ll shout from heavenly places!!

I’m just hoping for a “job well done” when I get to the other side. Whether people choose to listen to my music now or not isn’t my business. I put it out there, make it available and when I’m gone, it will still be there for whoever is meant to hear it.

About the love and loss I mentioned? That’s life. Onward. Upward.  Forward.

So how about you? Any plans for a new direction in your life? Different path? The same one?  Please leave a message below sharing your thoughts or shoot me an Email at  I’ll try to share some of what you say in my next blog.

In the meantime, may 2015 be full of happiness, peace, love and true friendship in your life.

Oh! And here’s that song “NOW” that I mentioned.  Be sure and listen to it NOW!!   It’s all about being happy now.

Thanks again for stopping by.  Hope you’ll come join me on FACEBOOK too.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Wishing you well


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  1. This is a test. This is only a test. If this had been an actual comment, I would have said how awesome Beth Williams is. This concludes this test of the comment function.

  2. Greg Forest says:

    Great to see you have the blog working!

  3. Norma Wilton says:

    sounds like a great end to an old year and a wonderful beginning of the new year. I wish you much happiness Beth!

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