Written By: Team Beth

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Jan. 20 -22    MARTON MUSIC FESTIVAL, Headline Act Friday,  Jan. 20!  New Zealand

Feb. 11             CROCKPOTS FOR CRITTERS, Community Center, Cedaredge, CO  4:30-6:30  Fund Raiser for Surface Creek Shelter

Feb. 19           CENTER FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING, Grand Junction, CO

March 1          WIB –  Delta, CO.   5:30 – 6:30 Private Event

March 9          WOMEN’S CONNECTION – Delta Christian Church – Special Music

March 25       ROSE ACOUSTIC SOCIETY  Headliner!  Canon City, CO  

April 8            DELTA SENIOR DANCE Delta, CO   1:00-2:30p

April 20          BEACONFEST,  9:00am-10:00am    Grand Junctions, CO

April 29           IN CONCERT – CENTER FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING, Grand Junction, CO Details TBA

April 30           SPECIAL MUSIC – CENTER FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING, Grand Junction, CO

June 2              Telluride SHERIDAN OPERA HOUSE Show Bar w/Bob Wear & Nancy Carlson  Details TBA

June 13           IN CONCERT at Paonia Library, Paonia, CO.  2 Third Street, Paonia

June 10           CRAWFORD PIONEER DAYS, Crawford, CO  11:30 – 12:15

June 10           WEST ELK CLINIC BENEFIT, Details TBA


June 14           FLAG DAY CELEBRATION, 12:00pm – 1:00pm     Montrose, CO Details TBA

June 24           CAMP ROBBER, All Original Show, Montrose, CO.  7:00-9:00

July 6              DOWNTOWN DELTAFEST w DAWSON SPRINGS, Delta, CO.  6:00pm

July 20           IN CONCERT – CLIFTON CHRISTIAN CHURCH,Clifton, CO     1:00 – 1:45

July 23            IN CONCERT CHAPEL OF THE CROSS, Cedaredge, CO.  4:00-5:00pm

July 27            FARMER RANCHER LUNCHEON, Sale Barn, Delta, CO.  11:30-1:00

July 29            DELTARADO DAYS, Confluence Park , Delta, CO.    Time TBA

Aug. 6              With DAWSON SPRINGS, at CHAPEL OF THE CROSS, Cedaredge, CO.  4-5pm

Aug. 12             FARM TO FIDDLE, Hotchkiss, CO  Time TBA

Aug. 19              WHS HOUSE CONCERT, Fairplay, CO  Details TBA

Oct. 26              Beth & Friends, Bill Heddles Rec Center, Delta, CO, 12:00pm-1:00pm Private


Feb. 24        ROSE ACOUSTIC SOCIETY  Headliner!  Canon City, CO  


Jan. 3           New Hope EV Church, Worship Leader,  Cedaredge, CO


Feb. 13         Crockpots for Critter Benefit,   Cedaredge, CO

Feb. 14          New Hope EV Church, w Carma Grimes,  Cedaredge, CO

Feb. 21        PRIVATE PARTY

March 6        New Hope EV Church, w Carma Grimes,  Cedaredge, CO

March 14-18      STUDIO RECORDING

April 3         Two Rivers Center for Spiritual Living, Grand Junction, CO

April 10        PRIVATE PARTY

April 21        Beacon Fest,  Grand Junction, CO

April 28        Hotchkiss Memorial Hall, Hotchkiss, CO

May 1             Community Bible Fellowship w NH Choir in Nucla,CO

May 6           Louie’s Loft w David Snider,  Paonia, CO  7:00-9:00

May 28          Aspen Trails Benefit 6:30-9:30pm

 June 11        Crawford Pioneer Days, Crawford, CO 1:00-1:45

June 14          Flag Day at Pavillion, Montrose, CO  12:00-1:00

July 9             Camp Robber, Montrose, CO 7:00-9:00

July 10           CSLDelta, Delta, CO 10:30

July 14             Farmer Rancher Luncheon, Delta, CO 12:00-2:00

July 16           Deltarado Days, Conf. Park 2:00- 3:30 w/ D. Snider

July 22          Louies Paonia, CO. 7:00-9:00

July 24         Chapel of the Cross, Cedaredge, CO 4:00-5:00

Aug. 6            Coyotes, Penrose, Con 7:00-9:00

Aug 7              Cowboy Church at Crossroads, Florence, CO 10:00am

Aug 12            Mesa Summer Concert Series, Cedaredge, CO  6:00-7:00

Aug. 13                Camp Robber,  Montrose, CO   7:00-9:00

Aug. 18          Clifton Christian Church,Clifton, CO 1:00 – 1:45

Aug 25           Torch n Jazz Duo, Chapel of the Cross 7:00-8:00

Aug. 28          Hosting Chapel of the Cross Open Mic 4:00-5:00

Sept. 15             BeaconFest, Montrose, CO.  9:00

Sept. 18            Center for Spiritual Living, Delta, CO 10:30

Oct.  3               Southwest Cowboy Church, Cortez, CO  7:00pm

Oct.6-7            Keynote Speaker & Music Leader- Cowboy at the Cross Women’s Retreat, Paonia, CO.

Oct. 8                PRIVATE PARTY, Crawford, CO

Oct.  27            Heddles Center, Delta, CO  12:00- 1:00

Dec. 16              PRIVATE PARTY, Mayor’s Christmas Party, Montrose, CO.


Aug. 29       Celebrate the Fork    2:00 -3:00pm   Delta CO Fairgrounds  Hotchkiss, CO

Sept. 6        CSLDelta    10:30 am  658 Howard St. Delta, CO

Sept. 12         Coyote’s  5:30 pm   Highway 115 & 6th Street   Penrose, Colorado

Sept. 13         Cowboy Church at Crossroads  9:00am   Penrose, CO

Sept. 17          BeaconFest   Montrose Pavilion   Montrose, CO

Sept. 20           K&Cs   Cedaredge, CO  11:30 -1:30

Sept. 26           Farmers Market, Cedaredge, CO  10:30 am

Sept. 27         CSLDelta     10:30 am    658 Howard St. Delta, CO

Sept.  30         IN CONCERT   CSLDelta     7:00PM    658 Howard St. Delta, CO

Oct. 4              K&Cs   Cedaredge, CO  11:30 -1:30

Oct. 19            New Hope Church – Benefit   7:00pm  Cedaredge, CO

Oct. 23              Above the Clouds House Concert   Fairplay, CO